Thursday, July 03, 2008

Privacy online??

Here is an article I came across about Viacom and Google and Youtube and our privacy. More on this topic this weekend. Succinctly, life with internet has less freedom and more intrusions than life without internet. Share your thoughts!


Arun said...

there is no privacy on internet.
this news is doing nothing to our privacy, even if viacom has all the data, wat are they going to do with it? go behind all they ppl who searched for copyrighted music videos. youtube is all about that, isnt it?

alpine path said...

Arun, true that there is no privacy on internet. I don't care if viacom has the list of all the videos I watched on internet as long as they(or their partners) don't extract information from it about my favorite shows/type of music I like, etc and send me emails asking me to buy them. True, that's a business tactic but I'd be better off not having to delete some 100 mails extra. Its not the data that is scary but the information that can be extracted from it.