Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Unnalae! Unnalae!

Unnalae! Unnalae!
Vin aala sendraenae!
Un munnae un munnae
Thee kaatraai nindraenae!

Oru sottu amutham nee, oru sottu vishamum nee,
oru sottu heavennum nee, nesithen!
Oru sottu inbam nee, oru sottu thunbam nee,
oru sottu hellum nee, yosithen!

[English translation is:
Because of you,
I went on to rule the skies.
In front of you,
I stand as a mixture of fire and air.

You are one drop of nectar, one drop of poison, one drop of heaven.
I like you!
You are one drop of happiness, one drop of sorrow, one drop of hell.
I think of you!]

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