Friday, May 11, 2007

A name like Nakki!!

What's in a name? There are lots of issues involved! Even wars have been fought over names. Basically they are used for identifying a person in a group. It increases or decreases the chances of identification of the correct owner based on how unique the name is. The more unique it is, the lesser two people in a room can have it and so, more easy to identify the owner easily. In India, names like Rahul, Sonali and Payal are common in the North while Priya and Arun and Karthik dominate the south. Names like John, Bill, Ann, etc. are famous the world over(like John Chambers or Bill Clinton or Bill Gates and so on). They are like handles for a person. Having a name like Nila or Surya ensures more success than names like abhithagujalaambal or tudelin morchovosky because of the simplicity and ease of pronunciation of the former group of names to the latter. (Ok! I'm stopping here because this post is not in praise of names... but I hope you got the importance of names).

I have the habit of trying to read people's names whenever they wear a tag or ID card. Now that I'm into the corporate culture, I read people's tag first and only then look up at their faces. This is especially true when I am bored and am in a meeting with a large number of people or when I get onto a lift. This is one of the most entertaining things and you can get to know a lot of information about a person in a very short time. Some of my friends share a similar taste and we usually try to find out unusual names. We also quiz ourselves about the origins of that name, why it is unusual and so on. It makes for lot of enjoyable time pass and we've had some great times with this hobby.

One of my friends in the same office said that there was a person with the name "**** Nakki". We were, as usual, interested to know what this name means, its origin,etc. So, where do we go but Google? The mother of all search engines and one of the best. We found the following results:
1) There is a Lake Nakki near Mount Abu, said to be very clear and surrounded by breath taking scenery. A must visit for trekkers and nature lovers.
2) The Hotel Nakki Palace in Shirdi with its 36 rooms.
3) The Nakki Khan(in history) who is a friend of Mangal Pandey, the rebel(by British history) and the revolutionist(by Indian history).
4) A nakki (hopefully a word for an object) in marathi
5) Nakki means to have licked(in tamil)
6) It can be twisted from nakkal (teasing in tamil)
(The last two were my additions... of course, did you think Google would have thought of twisting a word to get another... come on! it is still a search engine and not human. Though that day is not far off)

Also, the next question was what sort of a person can have the name "nakki". This was far more difficult to comprehend because I have very less experience in this and am really poor at predicting what a person can do(except of course very few people... and I should know them well enough(which in itself is a rarity)). We made up some interesting assumptions and were quite freely talking about it when the proud owner entered the cafe. We were flabbergasted! Imagine if you were talking about a person and he/she materializes out of thin air! Then, we tried to change our topic(because we weren't sure of how sharp his ears were) and still tried to see if our predictions were true. Sadly, not one of our predictions were right :( Now, here is a challenge! Predict something about a person who is named Nakki. Lets see if they match.(I can assure you that it makes for some good time pass) :)


Superficial Gibbering prater said...

honestly one of the most enjoyable posts i have read..not very thought provoking though.and on the issue of names being important i always wondered why the hero of a tamil movie couldnt be anmed ravana or duryodhana..and the heroine as ,for eg.kaliamma or surpanaka or iddumbi..there are preconceived notions on the person based on their names..tat is a fact of life.

alpine path said...

superficial gibbering prater, sometimes posts are just that! For a good laugh and nothing more. Yup! We attach so many things once a name comes to our mind. And, that makes for some funny situations in life. Btw, what about your prediction?

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hey, thats a nice idea. Let me join my internship place now --- I know what to do with the corporate directory listing the very first day!! :D

Arun said...

wats in a name?
we dont choose names. our parents. so it reflects thier character/interest, not self.

alpine path said...

Sudipta, yup! This would fill moments of boredom and make life very interesting :)Good luck with your internship.

Arun, even if our parents choose the name for us, somehow, I feel that name has a lot to do with fate. Otherwise, why would one sibling have a very sweet,easy-to-remember name while the other has a very difficult, hard-to-pronounce name? The same parents did the naming right? Something to think about. Also, based on our perceptions, we tend to associate a person with some characteristic. They need not be true. But all the fun is in predicting it and trying to find out if it is true.

Arun said...

well, i still like to disagree :)
choice of names is rather cultural and religious than fate in most cases.
i think in our culture,time of birth plays a big role in name .sometimes parents like to keep names of ppl they respect/like.
some cultures use same name with a Jr attached.
in few cultures that i heard abt, naming is more methodical.
even in ours, why is initial starting letter of father and not mother?
well as to ur question whether name is related to fate, its similar to to asking as whether ,time a person born changes his/her destiny. both r random events.
My answer is I dont think so.

an engineers mind said...
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Pooja said...

Nice post..
I've come across two kinds of people..those who live up to their name (whether by forethought or by instinct, I don't know), and those are the exact opposite of all their name signifies...

@superficial gibbering prater

I can understand why people are not named ravana, or duryodhana, but usually people have reservations about names like abhimanyu too..

alpine path said...

Pooja, welcome aboard! yup! And, people who live up to their names are much better and easier to have around than the other category (unless they have a name like Ravana, Dhuryodhana and the like) :)

Sabs said...

I guess nakki must be a rajasthani/marwari.... extrovert...wat say?

alpine path said...

sabs, I'm not sure of that person's origin but he sure was an extrovert. Good guessing :) And, welcome aboard!

HKK said...

".....but usually people have reservations about names like abhimanyu too.."

I was curious about the above statement. What is it about abhimanyu that people have reservations about? His short life span?...