Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day!

This is among the oh-so-many forwards on Mother's day. But almost all of them bring a warm feeling in our hearts because the people, mothers, are so special in every person's heart. Two of them which I really liked are:

Today, I looked in the mirror;
Curious as to what I would see.
I expected to see my reflection
Staring back at me.

But as I looked, I saw something more
In the face that was there.
I saw the reflection of my mother;
A woman filled with care.

Each year is another year closer
To looking like my Mother.
I see her in my reflection,
In one way or another.

May I not only look like her
But, reflect her heart as well.
For, it's full of love and kindness;
God's goodness in a nutshell.

Another year closer to looking like mom,
That only makes me glad.
For, I love my beautiful Mother.
She's the best reflection I've had.

Mother's are special,
With their own brand of love;
Filled with warmth and compassion,
From our Father above.

They can tell when you're happy.
They can sense when you're sad.
But, they're always there for us;
Through the good times and bad.

Their lips fill with praise
Because you've made them so proud
When your report says all A's
And you stand out from the crowd.

Mother's are nurses,
And teachers, and such.
They'll do anything for you,
because they love you so much.

And you'll never find
A more loyal friend
Than your mother or mine,
Because they're a God send.

We know Mother's are special.
So, we'd all like to say,
"This love wish brings blessings,
On your Special Day."

Happy Mother's Day!
To all mother's everywhere!


Cuckoo said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms.

alpine path said...

cuckoo, yup! Lets raise our glasses to our mothers, the walking angels in this world!