Monday, May 21, 2007

Five things the world doesn't know about me!!

I’ve been tagged by a friend of mine(actually she tagged me almost a month back and I’m in the process of catching up!!). The tag is “Five things the world doesn’t know about me”. Well, what does the tag mean by “the world”? Is it people whom I have no idea of their existence and they of mine? Nah, it can’t be. If they don’t know of my existence, then there’ll be a million things that they don’t know about me(not just five!). So, lets take another try. Is it people I have met once(either online or offline because nowadays all of us lead two lives.... well, the cat has nine, its high time humans had atleast two. What say, folks?) and then moved on in life’s course of time? No, that cannot be true too because these are people whom I might never get to meet again. So, why should they cram their minds with five things about me? Doesn’t make sense. Or, does she mean that I have to fill this tag for people who are my world? The chances are meager because the people who are my world know me very well(sometimes too well... but that cannot be helped :) A small price for such love and trust ) Ok, my guess is that (since I have exhausted all other options) this tag is for people who have met me more than once and have liked me enough to come to this blog and keep reading(if not, dear reader, I would suggest that you stop! Because the following information will not help you in any way! Nor me, if you read it).

Ok! Now to the tag!
1) I can gaze at the sky anytime, anywhere for hours together. When I was a kid, cloud gazing was one of my favorite hobbies. Even now, I try to use any little opportunity I get to look at the sky. I love the sky’s vast expanse and would love to soar like the eagle in the blue, blue sky. I love the sky during sunrise, sunset and anytime in between(day or night). My favorites are the moon, the pole star and the Venus. In fact, I find that poetry or prose or painting depicting the sky is a tad better than the rest.

2) I can read any book( right from kids story books(Doss, remember the afternoon where I read the entire comic collections in the bookstore while you were looking at other books?) to serious ones drenched in philosophy). Novels, especially those that have a historical or magical touch to them, are the best. Humor is a must, though.(Check my latest books section and the favorite books section for more details!!)

3) I love to eat anything red in color. I feel that if something is a deep red, it would have an extra taste to it. Need I say that beetroot is my favorite vegetable and red chillies figure frequently in my shopping list?? (But I’ve not tasted red wine, so I can’t comment on it ;))

4) I love doing things on the computer. There are two reasons behind this. One, I get a personal thrill when I know how something works and when I create something similar(the basic logic-and-program connection). Two, I can easily multitask with a computer doing more than one thing at a time(I feel that my throughput would be higher that way(of course depending on the combination of jobs queued up) and the efficiency would be more. However there are times when this basic law has been deflected in strange cases(like when I have to turn off all other jobs in order to study something I hate) and then my efficiency would really suffer. In such a case, I would have to reduce my throughput to increase my efficiency. Strange, right?)

5) I love a good discussion on any topic. Even listening to a good one is bliss! Nothing to stimulate you more than a good discussion with good buddies who enjoy it all. If the swords and daggers cross, then all the better ;)

Now to the most interesting part of tags. I tag
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Anonymous said...

sky gazing,reading,multitasking on computer,eating...u sound a lot like me !! :) You have a really nice blog here..keep up d brilliant work :) :)

alpine path said...

Lavender, thanks :) I'm glad you like my blog. Do keep visiting. And, welcome aboard!

Shamash said...

i love good discussions and books too..
nice blog

syrals said...

Very interesting five things indeed! I love sky gazing and enjoy having discussions too. :)

alpine path said...

shamash, thankyou :) And welcome aboard!!

syrals, thanks buddy! Sky gazing is one activity where we can lose ourselves easily. Good for imagination too ;)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

:echo: ... in fact completely echo Lavender's comments here.

Your posts have become few and far between... but they are interesting reads, nevertheless! Keep writing.

alpine path said...

Sudipta, thanks a lot! :) I'm glad you like my posts. Sure, I'll try to increase the frequency. I was caught up in finishing other stuff that I have paid less-than-needed attention to my blog.