Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A moonlit Night!


This is one of the things that turns me on anytime and any place! There is something so romantic about the moon and its gentle light! (what is the scientific term, KD?) It is so cool and breezy out there! Whenever I see the moon, especially on full moon days, I am transported to another world where only I and the moon and other members of Nature Club are there. Not even my loved ones and friends are allowed into that magical world. It is a world defined entirely for me and myself only. Though it may sound selfish, in reality, it is not! You have to experience it to understand the true effect of it. I have loved the moon since I can remember. It soothes me a lot and my head clears up faster than ever. Also, it is where I get ideas for the stories I write and where I never bother about anything in the world.

Everything we see in daylight looks so different under the moon. All the sharply defined edges blur out, new shapes emerge and the world tells us a different story. It is the time when the entire world is taking rest, charging itself for the next day and its turmoil, cleaning up the wounds it received in that day’s war, consoling the dead and generally stock taking its contents. It is the time when everything is so calm and peaceful and romance flows freely. Whenever I see the moon, I remember the poem

Slowly, silently, now the moon
Walks the night in her silver shoon.
One by one the casements catch
Her beams beneath the silvery thatch.

I forgot the other verses (if anyone of you know, please send me a copy!). That poem epitomizes the world at moonlight. Other poems of moon and its effects also have a special appeal for me. (I'm not Nisha for nothing! ;) )

I have always wondered how the films portray the moon as the sole property of lovers (esp. tamil movies). Now I know the answer! It is because the entire atmosphere is charged with romance that the lovers can’t escape it. And, their position is apt to receive all the romance in the world. I once read a saying that “the entire world loves the lovers”. So there is nothing surprising in that the moonlit nights also goes along! And, there is something so romantic about the couple enjoying their dinner in a castle/ cottage on a terrace overlooking the beach (the beach and sea heighten the effect!) with a four course candle light dinner and the moon smiling benignly upon them! (Now don’t get any ideas, I still haven’t tried anything of that sort! The closest I have come is to have a moonlight dinner with my entire family at home and there is nothing romantic about it! It is just a feel-good thing.) And, a picture of a young couple on board a ship bidding good bye to their homeland with the moon shining has always tugged my heart as the perfect, sad good bye any body can give! Though the couple might have better times before them, they would be leaving all they know and in the moonlight too! This scene has made my heart turn heavy whenever I picturise it! (And, no, I haven’t seen it so far anywhere else other than my imagination!)

One of my favorite pastimes during my childhood was to identify different beings from the dark shapes of the trees in front of my house. My sister and me, we used to compete with one another to find out the highest number of different things from the dark shapes. Also, the moonlight dinners with my family and friends have been etched well into my memory. Wherever we go, the moon shines like an old friend sharing our joys and comforting us in our sorrows. It eventually stands testimony to all that we love and share!


nandu said...

wow.....tats a great thing.....sounds good n touchin....i agree with u....i think thee best thing i ve come across s the moom....so beautiful,so perfect n so soothin...

Harini said...

Thanks a lot, Nandu! My exact feelings!

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... nice cool di harini!

Harini said...

Thanks, anonymous! :-)