Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Blast in Bombay!

This post is dedicated to the victims of the horrible blasts that took place yesterday in Mumbai and SriNagar. Such violent acts force us to pause and think for a moment if the humankind is truly civilized and if so, where is the evidence for it? Otherwise, why would man want to devise instruments and methods to kill himself and his fellow beings? Is he rational? Does he have the famed sixth sense? If he had had, he wouldn't have given way to destructional ideas and objects which would wipe out mankind sooner than later.

I can never accept the law "An eye for an eye, a limb for a limb". That, my friends, is the law of the jungle and not of the civilized world in which we proclaim ourselves to be living in. It is more important that man should talk over the differences between different sections and learn to co exist with his fellow creatures. Whatever be the motive, arms are not the answer for it. There is no motive that is greater or dearer than the one for love of life of mankind. Everyone has equal opportunity for living and no one has the right to take it off.

Here is a small report on the incident which describes the situation in detail. It was so yucky! And the pictures and the video footage are gory! How can someone commit such violence in the name of religion or motive? And how can such a religion or motive be for the ultimate good of the people? How can anything be acheived by violence and violence only? I have never understood it (even after seeing so many Hindi(the latest being Fanaa) and Tamil(who can forget the umpteen Vijayakant and Arjun movies where they keep saving the country from countless terrorists singlehandedly? :))

What was surprising was the amount of planning that had gone into such actions. Surely, they could not have been done by people who are irrational. Rather, such actions carry the stamp of extremely rational, well organised people. Where has education gone wrong? What influenced these people to give up their aims and aspirations and work for some motive or religion? Don't they apply their mind and see that their actions cause nothing but pain? Well, hope time tells! And hope mankind survives its own baseless madness to receive the lessons of violence and take remedial measures!

Let us pray for the victims of the blast and console their loved ones. True, such a loss cannot be redeemed, not by any religion and certainly not by any motive which demands the sacrifice of so many human lives and property! But let us hope that our prayers give them the strength to pick up the pieces of life that are still left and go on!


kanjisheik said...

Excellent post on the futility of terrorist acts of violence!!! the spirit of the people of Mumbai was displayed in all its glory when the nearby residents started recue operations, when the police anf fire fightere were afraid to go near the exploded train compartmemnts...

Harini said...

Thanks a lot, kanjisheik! Its the benevolent nature of the Indian people in the face of adversity and tragedy that helps the nation to cope in difficult times such as this. Hats off to those people!