Thursday, July 20, 2006

Microsoft, the test begins!

Today we had the Microsoft written test for recruitment in our college. The undersigned also took the test. An account of how it went:
We were told that Microsoft was coming for our college about two weeks ago. So that, all the interested people( read, geeks) could prepare themselves for the battle. Yours truly was not that interested in it because:

1) She didn't know as much as she had to to ace the interview and interview was touted to be of umpteen rounds and she didn't know if she could survive all of it in one piece with the little knowledge that she had.
2)Her dream was a hardware company where she could work with her beloved processors for years to come.
3)She knew that, being the bookthrift( a new word for someone who is a spendthrift only on books. Do you know the actual word, Rama? ) that she was, she would spend the entire salary on books and books only and would even forget going to work( the main reason why the salary is given) and would keep reading on and on. Further, her friends wouldn't be too pleased for her buying so many books coz they feel that she already spends less time with them.( Her parents wouldn't mind, though and would present cupboards to keep all the books. They would also ask her to get more( if thru a loan, atleast! ;) No wonder where I got the bad habit. Right, Amma?)
4)She was also trying for MS and if she gets both, then she'll be in a dilemma as to what to choose. Being the libran that she is, she would confuse herself(and all others too) about this. And, there would be a nagging doubt in the back of her mind for ever and ever that she could've chosen the other choice( which ever one she chooses!)
5)And, the last, she wouldn't want to work in Hyderabad where given a chance, she would be trying out the cuisine and not the work. And, that would leave her in a much worser condition.

Guess, thats enough of reasons for a person not to attend! But, attend I did, due to pressure from well meaning friends and a curiosity to know WHAT was it that MICROSOFT gave to its candidates? And, knowing me, friends, I can never do my worst at any point (I tried it for L & T and didn't have peace of mind for days together. I don't want to undergo THAT again.) and so went ahead with a brave heart( quaking inside, of course!) to the test. We had a ppt( for those who dont know, it is the "pre placement talk" where companies tell about themselves, where they woo the candidates( though I've seen the interested candidates knowing more about the company from their weeks of research about it!)) for about half an hour.

Then came the tests where we had about three questions. The first one was bad( I thought I knew the logic and tried a stupid one where the examiner came, read my algorithm and said that it wouldn't work for certain cases(so embarassing! Here I am trying hard not to disappoint him and he comes and tells its wrong!). So I changed it and then, my friend said that there was something basic missing in it. I'm searching for it!), the second one was worse( I didn't know head or tail of it! But cooked up something because I dont want the examiner to be disappointed. Let him atleast have a hearty laugh! What a generous heart( says my inner voice in a sarcastic tone!) One of my friends got too technical and said "Configuration file missing from my system" meaning "I dont know this, dumbo!". ) and the third was worst( because all of us could do it and that is why it is worst! Coz there will be a catch somewhere. Come on! Microsoft never gives easy questions! Since none of us could identify the catch, we can't even think of a solution for it! And, we are at square one in that.)

Now, we are eagerly waiting to know who the geeks of PSG Tech are (ie)who is shortlisted. So, friends, there will another post telling you the results of this sweet short story. One major outcome is that we got a day off( almost a FULL day) from all classes and that is a GREAT thing in our college, especially our department. Hope this happens for all the companies. But then, again, the novelty would be worn off.


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All the best !!

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Thanks a lot! Check out the aftermath post too!