Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh! What is it to

What is it to

1) meet the person whom you've always wanted to meet but never got to? (I've always wanted to meet my great granny, Anne Shirley and Alan Turing)
2) see your favorite movie being screened and you have time to enjoy it with a big gang of friends and popcorn?
3) get a hot cup of chocolate made just for you when its raining outside?
4) get a milaga bhajji(a hot snack) when it is a cold evening?
5) go for a movie expecting it to be "just so" and it turns out to be great?
6) get a call from a friend with whom you have not been in touch for a long time?
7) get to eat all your favorite flavors of icecream?
8) get to win in the exhibition games at the first go?
9) be woken up from bed with your favorite song and drink?
10) be woken up from bed by your favorite person?
11) get dressed warmly and go out in biting cold and feel as warm as a toast?
12) try out different cuisines in the same day?
13) the book that you came in search of is the first book in the pile that you have to search through?
14) wish for a day of perfect sunshine the previous night and it is as you wished the next day?
15) the weather happens to be the same as in your hometown?(one evening, weather at B was just like that in C and I dragged my friend through half the drillfield just to enjoy the weather :) I felt as if the entire C came to visit me!)
16) get a mysterious parcel and it turns out to come from a relative with all the goodies in it?
17) expect a book to end in one way and it has a totally unexpected and better ending?
18) dance all night and yet go to school/work the next day without any fatigue?
19) walk slowly to the bus stop and still the bus waits for you?
20) lose something in a big city only to come back home and see it returned by a considerate stranger?
21) struggle with a load of work/things and someone unexpectedly comes to help you?
22) turn the radio on and your favorite song is on the air?
23) go to the shop and find the perfect top at the perfect price?
24) open your birthday gift and receive the gift that you most wanted?
25) sleep in the night with so many worries and get up in the morning to find that all your worries have got solved in the meantime?
26) go to an exam expecting a hard paper but it turns out to be very easy?
27) do a not-so-perfect work and still it saves the day?
28) be sick and friends come home with a big pot of soup for you?
29) step out of your room only to see the cutest of plants kept for you?
30) get up one icy day and find that someone has cleaned your car and that its all ready for you to drive?
31) go on a long drive right into the sunset?
32) go on a long drive with perfect company?
33) go on a long drive with perfect company right into the sunset?
34) play all day with your kid and he/she puts their arms around you and say "I love you, Mom!"?
35) make something nice for someone and they appreciate its worth?
36) give up something for your friend only to see that your friend has given it up for you?
37) see your great grand-daughter say "I do"?
38) walk in the rain without worries of getting a flu?
39) go around the campus and have everyone you meet say a hi?
40) cuddle your favorite teddy bear all you want?
41) think about a candle-lit dinner and go home and find one just for you?
42) get back home after a tiring day and have a bubble bath?
43) plan a week and everything follows your plan?
44) wake up monday morning to find that you got an extra day off?(this is definitely not for the workaholics :))
45) come to office and find a dozen red roses delivered by a mysterious friend?
46) talk to your favorite cousins for some time and it ends up being a night out?(trust me, it is loads of fun!)
47) get up one day to find a world devoid of insects(flies and mosquitos) and your least favorite animal.
48) eat all you want and still not put on weight?
49) lose all hope in life only to find that you've achieved your most cherished dream?
50) meet the person of your dreams in the place of your dreams and live a life of your dreams?

This post is a counter measure to my other post Well, when life has got its downs and we crib about it, we certainly have to appreciate all the ups of life, right? Ok! Here comes the Libra alive and kicking in me. Never mind! Do check out the little pleasures of life. They make life beautiful. Its my opinion that great ideas and work make life worth living but its only the little pleasures that pull us through periods of darkness.

Come folks, lets live life king-size! What are you waiting for?


Stranger said...

your list of "chinna chinna aasais" is rather good. (except the last one of course :))

The one i liked most was "seeing your grand-daughter say "I do" "
- spoken like a true granny :)

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

->get to win in the exhibition games at the first go?

That was really good. . .Still waiting for the above to happen all i ever win in exhibitions are crummy key chains they give everyone :(

The Black King said...

Aah... now I'm jealous of you!

alpine path said...

stranger, :D thanks!! And when I do become a granny, that is my most ardent wish :) I thought that last one was what all of us lived for ;)

vishnupriya, well! Things happen when you least expect it. I won a ball when I thought I wouldn't... so keep trying! Who knows? You might win a life size teddy one day and get to cuddle it all you want :)

the black king, welcome back! :) This list has most of my fulfilled dreams and some of my dreams waiting to happen. I'm sure all of us have such a list. Dig out yours! Its loads of fun and I'm curious too :)

shiva said...

"its only the little pleasures that pull us through periods of darkness."

Absolutely, at times, these little things subconsciously drive us and keep us smiling throughout a day...

I guess, most of us would be glad if at least any 2 in these 50 happens to us every day. that would be excellent!!

alpine path said...

Shiva, thanks! yup! even if one of them happens daily, then we'll forget the drudgery of life. But then, these things will also lose their charm if they happened daily right? So, life happens as it happens for some reason. :)