Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why oh why

These are some of the questions I have in mind but either have no answer(either I'm too lazy to find them or there is no way I can get them or there is no answer from nature itself) or cannot be asked(cultural niceties, lack of courage, keep any reason).

Why is it that
1) it snows when I'm asleep or sitting inside a boring lecture?
2) I return home anticipating a hot meal but all I see are a sink full of dishes?
3) I get up early morning at a friend's place and rush to the bus stop to go home only to realize that the first bus is not due for another hour and I could very well have curled up for some more time?
4) the bus leaves exactly a minute before I reach the bus stop?
5) the presentation I so wanted to hear turns up to be all crap?
6) the presentation I thought was all crap was actually enjoyable(RR your presentation comes in this category)?
7) the first of leaves that turn brown/red/yellow are the ones still on the tree while all others are falling down, down and down?
8) A certain friend of mine has killing dress sense but not much dollars to spare for decking up?
9) A certain non-friend of mine has killing dress sense AND much dollars to spare for decking up? (Okay! I made this up because none of the Indians are dumb enough to spend money to deck up here :D )
10) whenever I think I'm too tired and hungry, the smell from Au Bon Pain drafts over to increase my hunger pangs?
11) there are two events happening at the same time in the university offering FREE great FOOD?
12) those events never happen when I'm at my hungriest?
13) those events occur in a hall that I can reach only by crossing half the university?
14) my lab does not have a microwave?
15) I am tempted to the soup section every time I go buy a meal?
16) I buy a bowl of soup for $5 and feel full after half a bowl?
17) I get to see cute chicks with not-so-hot guys and hot guys with not-so-cute chicks? (none of this fits Indians here)
18) none of the graduate Indians are as cool as the undergrads?
19) none of the PhD students seem to have fun?
20) so many of my friends into PhD are quitting after Masters?
21) my day becomes a series of hi's and bye's with a big bunch of people, conversations with a handful and meaningful conversations with only one or two?
22) I spend about an hour talking to my parents every day and not feel the time go by but sit in a class and look at the watch every few minutes?
23) the cold wind always targets my poor nose and ears while my cheeks are fine?
24) I've lost touch with so many people with whom I shared four full years of my life? Now I don't even know what some of them are doing :(
25) some of my closest friends are close no more?
26) some people whom I didn't care much in the past permeate every nook of my life now?
27) I'm watching more movies than when I was back in home?
28) I think life is a drudgery and suddenly someone makes it easy to bear by some action of theirs?
29) though I've bought loads of clothing for winter, I still feel I'm not prepared for it?
30) I pick up a product with a great discount only to find that discount ended the day before?
31) I get up early when I don't have classes or meetings to attend but invariably end up sleeping late when I have something important coming up?
32) one of my exams is scheduled at 7.30 AM and my first bus from home is at 7.15 AM (put in 10 minutes for traveling time and you'll get the picture).
33) whenever I think life is a bed of roses, there is a rude shock waiting just around the corner.
34) every shock that comes effectively takes me out of stupor.
35) the day I want to eat ice cream, there is none at home.
36) I get up just when a dream turns really interesting and I'm not able to get back the dream even if I try my hardest?
37) I can't get my mom or dad to scold me nowadays? (I actually miss my mom's scoldings!!)
38) some of my friends are going places from where there is no return to original state and I don't have the courage to do so?
39) I can't sit down to blog anymore and go into hiatus more often?
40) life shows the presence or absence of something only when we least expect it?


Arun said...

1)mother nature is being nice to u
2)ur roomates are not being nice to u
3)u need to change ur alarm
4)start waving hands and running towards the bus stop. it works.
u can do this even if u dont intend to get onto the bus. just see the look on the driver as u run past him.
5)all presentations are crap
6)bcos its accompanied by free pizza
7)so it can look colorful
8)i hrd even the wealthiest man cannot afford to keep with a girl's dressing sense.
9)for everything(else) theres Master Card
10)think of the food that u mite cook. ur hunger will go away :)

rest - as soon as drink more coffee.

syrals said...

Hehehe I liked the questions and enjoyed reading Arun's answers. :P hehehehe

The Black King said...

Simply put, these are Murphy's laws catching up with you! Funny and evokes sympathy at the same time. Go take a vacation for Christmas!

King Vishy said...

I just love these lists of small things of life.. good one :)

Support for your thoughts can be found at a friend's blog:

And "anti"-matter can be found in this post of mine:

alpine path said...

arun, :D Waiting for you to finish that "counter" list :D Done with drinking coffee? ;)

syrals, yup :) I love both lists too.

the black king, Murphy's laws are working overtime in my case :P Better let Murphy take some rest and give me a break!! And I'm off for the winter break too :)

king vishy, thanks :) Btw, the first link is broken. Can you send it again?

shiva said...

this is well expressed, occurs with most of us, i guess, if we try to look at it like that...

alpine path said...

shiva, thanks! And welcome aboard! Yup! Sometimes we feel life is hard. It was at one of those times I wrote this post. Do check out my "Oh! What is it to" post. That is an answer to this post.