Monday, November 06, 2006

The Voice again

She was tired.
She wanted to stop, to stop it all!
She knew she was nearer to her goal than yesterday and she moved a bit further.
Each step caused pain and weariness in her mind and body.
She knew the goal was worth the pain and sacrifice.
So she moved on....

She was bone-tired.
She felt her shoulders were burdened with too much.
She didn't care if she was near the goal or not.
It didn't matter anymore.
She was ready to stop.
And, felt peace(the peace that comes when a person is out of the deadly but powerful embrace of responsibility).
She wanted to sleep.
And, sleep she did.

She heard the Voice, "Rest awhile, not forever"
She got up groggy.
She heard it again "Rest but don't rest".
She understood.

She resumed her journey.
Her goal was shining.
She is not there still, but one day......

She'll reach it!!


Arun said...

Wow! You can write poem?
I guess once in a while, you should get away from ur books and have fun in life!
Picture of the day, (1st one)

alpine path said...

Arun, thanks! Its not exactly a poem but sort of... I didn't understand the picture of the day part of ur comment.

Arun said...

for me- if in italics its a poem or a quote
The pic(not sure if link works still,last entry in my prev blog) means the same (albeit in a very subtle way :)) - "having fun in life is important "

alpine path said...

Oh ok, I got the picture part now. Well, this post is a series about a person and the voice. Not a poem, not prose, something unclassified yet.