Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Literature Tag!

Well, I've been tagged my friend P! This is a literary tag and here goes:

Five favorite authors:
2)Arthur Conan Doyle
4)LM Montgomery
5)Ayn Rand

Four favorite characters:
1)Aalvaarkadiyaan - Ponniyin selvan
2)Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes
3)Ms.Mythreyi Seshadri - Naintha Ullam
4)Hari - Five point someone

Three favorite phrases:
1)"Nithya kalyaanamum Pachai Thoranamum" - Aathma
2)"Ethai Kandu Ichai kondaayadi, kiliyae?" - Naintha Ullam
3)"Moonlight, I love it " - The story girl

Two favorite novels/stories with a short description:
1)Ponniyin Selvan - Book on Cholas. It tells about the struggles for Chola empire and the final coronation. It has mystery, romance, humour, philosophy and what not! The hero is Vandhiya Thevan though the person after whom the book is named is ArulMozhi Varman aka Raja Raja. In one word, this is one good book. Though it has a lot of history in it, the way it has been said is truly exceptional. Only after reading this novel did I get really interested in books. A must read for everyone!
2)Naintha Ullam - A book about a girl who learns to live with her brother and uncle's family after leaving her foster family. The fun she has, struggles she faces and the silent demons that she fight have been portrayed beautifully. The story is set in Madras and Sri Lanka.

In english,
1)Anne of Green gables - one of my childhood books that I still love reading. All the Anne books are good! A sure read if you are planning on GRE because it has so many "big words" as Anne puts it :)
2) All of Sherlock Holmes - Too big to describe!

One favorite series:
Malory towers!! (nothing to beat it)

I tag all those who love books. Come on! This is a chance to talk about your favorite books and authors.And, it is fun too!

PS: Harry Potter was a close contender in the last category!! I love Potter exactly for the same reasons that I love MT. And, not to forget Famous Five, Five findouters, The secret Island series and..... I'd keep going. :)


Anonymous said...

my preference is quite clear. i don't go for fiction.

i usually end up reading biographies, personal experiences (eg, jack welch), history, and many more non-fiction best sellers on NYTimes.

alpine path said...

A good taste, anonymous! But, fiction is also fun. And, whose biography do you like?

Arun said...

I have sort of read "My experiments with truth". It liked it very much.
Not too much into fiction or novels. Currently "reading" Complexity(by waldrop). no its not on number theory :)

syrals said...

From the books you have mentioned, I have read only Five Point Someone. The reason being the fact that I read very less fiction.

I would like to try out Ayn Rand sometime. Could you suggest one book of hers to start with?

Right now I am reading Shantaram.

alpine path said...

Arun, I've heard that "My experiments with truth" is a good one. But, I'm yet to start on really serious stuff. So, how is complexity? As complex as the title says? ;)

syrals, Ayn Rand writes mostly about objectivism. I would suggest that you start with "Atlas shrugged". Really good book, but calls for some heavy reading :) what is Shantaram about?

Anonymous said...

I love Anne of Green Gables too!


alpine path said...

Thanks, anonymous! The site was cool. I've started on Pat series :) R u done with all the Anne books?

Arun said...

I will comment abt the book, when I fully read it :) I have read only little so-far.
One other book, I wanted to read is "War and Peace".

Anand said...

"The Google Story"
Not so great literature, but inspiring read.
"Fate of IBM"
"Business at the speed of thought"

Bhavna Neel said...

I agree with u ... i like Kalki too

alpine path said...

Arun, that is another literary piece! I'd just love the way the story has been structured. But I've read only the abridged version. Are u planning to read the original?

Anand, I've not read the books you've mentioned except for "Business@speed of thought". That is a good one!

Bhavna, Kalki is one of the best writers that Tamil literature has seen. He has brough out the best of the language. Such a good one at that, too!