Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Into semester exams!

I'm into my semester exams, the last one I'd be writing. Right now, I'm done with three of my papers and got three more to go. The ones I've written so far were ok and the ones which are going to come are the "heavy weights". Lets see how they go!

Well, looking back, I don't know how I ever survived all the sem exams that have come my way since I joined college. Every time, I'd decide that I would give my undivided attention to studies atleast from this sem and learn(I mean, actually learn!! Not just read the xeroxes that kind friends take and give just before sem exams and internals. I don't remember ONE day when I actually sat through a book and decided what I had to xerox. It would be always be the pages that some friend of mine says. Most of the time, I'd just take a xerox when all others are taking. Or, if it was too much hassle, I'd get the book itself... But,I'd never touch the book more than once in the entire semester. My mom always complains that I never use my books. I've stopped coz of this reason.... both buying and reading :)) all the subjects. Sadly, I've never been able to do that. Every time, something or the other would come up and I would leave my resolutions in the air and run off to have fun. And, then it would soon be time for the first internals. There would be a mad scramble to try to study and I'd decide "ok... from now on, atleast, I should study". That would be promptly forgotten once those three days are over. It would be the same for other two internals. Then, we'd have the sem exam holidays.

Sem study holidays are some of the most enjoyable times I've had. We would have fun doing group studies(atleast trying to), chat sessions, taking xeroxes and relocating the old ones and doing a hundred and one things. Only the day before, I'd get guilty pangs and start on the first subject. However, since I'd have lost touch with studies(ok... when did I ever have it to have lost it?), I would wile away the time and realize it only roughly 20 hours before the actual exam starts(and I would have to sleep and eat! I'd never sacrifice on them both! Ok, R! Don't laugh!) Then, I'd start wishing fervently that I could have spent more time on studies. Somehow, I'd manage to learn and go and write the exam next day. Then, I'd be really tired and have a good sleep. I'd wile away the time given for the next exam and repeat the same sequence again. This would go on and on until all the exams are done and I would heave a sigh of relief. I would resolve that I would not repeat this again (sadly, I could never keep up the resolve). But now, looking back at the results and cgpa, I haven't lost much. I stand my own in class. I pity those who keep on studying day in and day out for the semester exams. They don't know what they are missing "out there". Sure, sem exams are important but there are other things in life too. Also, the sem exams only test the concepts that we have learnt throughout the semester. There is no point in trying to learn them again and again. That is the beauty of engineering. You learn the concepts once, you'd remember them(maybe with some refreshing) for life.

But then, somewhere, along these lines, I've actually learnt the subjects and have been enthused enough to continue my studies. And, I've had more fun learning them with friends. I've also learnt to handle stress and do quick learning(A talent that comes only after loads of practice!). These qualities have helped me in more ways than one. And, the time spent on other things have taught their own lessons which are invaluable. So, I've no regrets right now about the sem exams in my life. I only wish that I do these exams as good as the others and finish off with style!


Arun said...

few years ago, if my brain(assuming,i have one) had spoken, it wud be this post :)
the only thing i have learnt is, you cannot learn anything, u have to experiment with it. invent ur own theories. but the 12th board examiners never understood my theory(actually they were all wrong:D), thats why i landed in madrasU where watever theory u come up with - if it fills more than 25 pages, u score well. thats the madras univ theory :)

alpine path said...

Wow, a good theory! Seems every univ has a theory of its own. Tech has its own too and it is taught by seniors to juniors every year. Sort of a legacy handed down the years :)

Annie Chellah.T said...

hey dis is exactly my story.Anyways U're gonna miss these exams i bet.I have one more semester.Me too gonna enjoy...

alpine path said...

Annie, yeah. I sure am going to miss these exams like I miss the other stuff. But then, I think I would rather miss the exams than having to write them forever and ever. Sure, an exam now and then would be actually fun. :) Enjoy while it lasts!!