Friday, August 25, 2006

My Cisco Experiences - I

Hi friends,

The good news first! I got an internship in Cisco along with 12 of my collegemates( including 3 of my department mates and 1 of my classmates who is a whiz in Linux( Balaaji, u got that??) ). I'm also happy that one of my friends has got an internship along with me. She has been with me from my 11th standard and I've never seen a person more patient( remember, I need loads of patience??), more objective in her views and more task oriented. I've also never seen a better handwriting ( can anyone write as if it has been printed as in a book? She can) and have fallen in love with her handwriting right in 11th standard(S, do u remember the first day I saw ur note and stood as if lightning had struck me and I kept on looking at ur note in awe?) and am still going strong even after nearly six years! I could go on and on about her!

Now comes the great news! I got my job confirmed in Cisco with 4 of my collegemates( one guy from csc and 3 guys from SW EEE, making me the only girl into Cisco!) Sadly, my friends in my dept couldn't make it. But knowing them and their skills and innate talents, I'm sure we would all end up as collegues. Or, who knows? Some other lucky company might seize them too! Ok! How did the recruitment process go? Here is an account! I was in the mood of getting a dual after I came back from the Tanjore trip. So, I was ready( mentally, whether I was ready with the knowledge needed for that? That is a different question. And a very difficult one to answer! I still think I don't know enough to be worthy of the money I would be getting. But that is an entirely different issue!) I decided I would sit for any company that would come next. The only criteria I had was that there should not be any bond or any such stuff. Luckily, Cisco came the next week itself! I came to know of it on sunday and I had two days for prep. I wasn't interested in sitting for Honeywell internships because I wanted to finish the entire dual in one shot and not split into internship first and then a job! The main reason was I didn't have time.

I enlisted my friend's help in preparation.She is a genius in helping me find out where I am at my best, where I should improve and where I should really sit with the book( or a whiz like her!) and start from the basics! R helped me to segregate stuff into what I can breeze through even at the eleventh hour( just one!), what I can put off till the last day(a very small pile) and what I had to do then and there! ( a very large pile compared to the other two. I had neglected my academics for quite some time now!) So sweet of her, she had come out of her celebrations (she is into Delphi, she had got in only last week) and helped me find my footing from Salem.

Then, I attacked the largest pile one by one. Though I was tempted by novels by Anuthama( a very famous Tamil novelist), I vowed that I won't touch a book until I'm done with Cisco's test, whatever be the result! That was a very huge motivator( scary motivator in fact! :) )and I started work seriously. And, R has an uncanny sense of finding out exactly what is it that I learnt and bluffed my way through even when she is miles away! Guess that is part of the friendship package! ;) She somehow helped me dissolve a part of the large pile. By then, it was tuesday evening! I only had time to do the small pile and the one subject. So, I conveniently forgot about the remaining part of the large pile and went on to the small pile. Here too, I studied as if I do for my semesters ( where I study sincerely for an hour, watch tv or laze around for an hour and eat and sleep for an hour! That has pulled me through my entire college life! I have no idea of changing that pattern!) and my mother thought that the test had been postponed to some day next week and that was why I was lazing around! ( I should tell something about my parents here. They are very hardworking and have given me loads of freedom and allow me to innovate and experiment all I want! So, she wouldn't even mind if I had got it into my mind that I had to watch a movie before every test! ( I even tried that in my third semester. Sadly, that didn't yield good results!)). Then, I finished the small pile and went to catch some beauty sleep.

to be continued.....

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