Sunday, August 06, 2006

The “I” post

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I am thinking- of ways and plans of spending friendship day (today being a Sunday and all that) with my friends from school, college and colony.

I said- this to all my friends: “Better to enjoy life and do what you feel is right rather than let go of the chance and crib and wonder if you should have done it anyway.”

I want- to get into a top ranked university, finish my MS, get a job and start my own concern. And get married somewhere along the line! (Whew! What a wish list!)

I wish- I knew how to be more patient, more adept at solving problems (of the heart and otherwise!) and take people as they are and not expect anything from them. And cook sumptuous dishes!

I miss- Nila, my niece.

I hear- Kanda Naal Muthalaai ( from a film of the same title).

I wonder- How my final year and the next two years of my life are going to be(where
would I be, what would I be doing and so on and so forth)

I regret- nothing as yet. Given another chance, I would live my life just the same as this time.

I am- a person who can’t stand indolence and lackadaisical approach. And, I hate hypocrites.

I dance- bharathanatyam (when I feel like it - I feel that it is fun and prayer, a cleanser and exercise all rolled into one.) and just shake for songs like Karuppinazhagu!

I sing- any song which is on my mind at that time (and there is some always!). And, I sing well too.

I cry- only once, when my granny died. Rest, I don’t think anything is worth my tears.

I am not- very good at making and maintaining friends. Its kinda difficult to understand me and accept me as I am with all that I do and don’t do. That leaves me with very few very close friends.

I write- because it makes me happy.

I confuse- myself when I have too many choices and don’t know which one is better (Sometimes, even two is too much! And being a Libran doesn’t help either J)

I need-my personal space and time in all my relationships. I’ll run away if I was bound to anyone throughout the year, 24x7. I just can’t stand it.

I should- learn cooking and driving, especially on highways.

I finish- any book that I set my eyes on. I read any book irrespective of the topic. I once read the entire collection of law books I once found at my friend’s sister’s place.

I tag- anyone who wishes to tag himself/herself. Actually, it is fun. Try it out!

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