Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Started my univ search!

Hi friends,
I started my univ search today! Finally! I've been thinking of doing it for the past one month! And, I was suddenly attacked by pangs of guilt yesterday. I was wasting too much of time doing nothing. Though I never bother abt it a lot, now I know that I have to do so much and yet am not doing anything. So I got a very bad case of attack! Lets list all wat I have to do:
1) Search for univs that offer MS in comp arch, try to find out details abt them and lots more to do!
2) Proceed with the work in NC esp Heavy traffic analysis... I tried to make a model but found that my one of my basic assumptions was wrong! So I have to redo the entire stuff! :( Also, NC is so volatile that I have to refresh myself half an hour before I actually start on the work every day! It is so mindboggling that I lose all interest in it an hour down the lane!
3) Learn the college subjects well (atleast this sem! I have been learning them only in the last minute all other semesters! I have to learn them well this time coz this is my final sem when I'll b writing my sem exams! though it is a relief in one sense, I would b missing it too! It is as if I would b slipping into the adult world faster and faster! A part of me doesn't want to-- It still wants to cling to the world I know and is comforted by that! But another part of me wants to explore the unexplored part of the world and feelings! I'm torn between both! And being the libran I am, I want to do justice to both parts of me! And that is nerve wracking!)
4) Work with my dad atleast for some time. I'm feeling very guilty abt it! (Thats another!)
4) Teach atleast some of my juniors about IXP... lets c!
5) Always b better than what I can right now! Lets c!
Now that I've listed all of it, a load has been taken out of my mind. I think I'll bother abt MS first. The others, I'll gus pottufy for now... And bother abt them later.
This is the end of my second post... guess this one was too serious! :) Couldn't help it! Bye!


~RamRox~ said...

Very Interesting!
I liked the Cisco part, Well i know thats a company i wanna work for. ... hope it wont remain a dream for me!! So are u not taking up MS in Networks or any such related things like security?
Through my understanding u seem interested in comps Architecture. well keeep going ;)

alpine path said...

~ramrox~, thanks for dropping by! And welcome abroad! Nope, I'm not into Computer networks, though that is fun too.