Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First post!!!

Hi Guys,
This blog is just a jot down space for myself on the cyber world. It would contain loads of posts each different from the other about everything from nasa and sports to psychology and child rearing. This is basically one that is done to c myself grow and twist and strain against everything I would b facing in my last year of college. Right now, I'm placed in Tata Consultancy Services(TCS as it is much better called) along with 40 of my classmates and about 300 of my college mates. As a worst case, I guess I would b left with the consolation that I can atleast start my career with them :)
Well, this blog would also contain a chart of my transformation from a college student to a professional( I dont think I can ever become one! Anyway, lets c!) And, I dont think I'll b writing everyday in this blog( that would make things very committed!) ... I want something where I dont have to bother about commitment and stuff... I'm too tired being committed to loads of people and things and values and stuff like that... Though I do all of it only for people I love and values I cherish, it becomes a burden sometimes and I do yearn to break out of all this! But I do know that I cannot break out of the mold I am in( I neither want to too!) coz I would b hurting too many people in the process!
Ok, enough for now. Anyways, u would b c ing more of my rantings too! Ciao for now!

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