Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snapshot of the week

It might be strange to do a snapshot right in the middle of the week. However, I've been so busy lately with a number of things going on that I felt I needed a reset. And what better way than to snapshot it and reset it (like the VM images)?

  • Slept way less than I'm used to - leading to my body complaining on it. I swear not to do it anymore.
  • Started movie watching again - to be exact, after two months (time in India + time in Neverland after I got back).
  • Met up with almost all my friends here and had loads of fun in the past two weeks... definitely been a busy two weeks (and that explains the lack of sleep).
  • Missed talking to K... and I can't believe work-life has caught up with us already :(
  • Planning another trip to India in June (yeah, another one :))
  • Did something I thought I'd never do when I was in 10th grade - I lived in my car for straight 16 hours!! :O Now, if alone I lived there for 24 hours, that would get to 'thought I'd never do when I was in 3rd grade' status!
  • Became a florist for two hours just to find that is one of the harder jobs since it involves a lot of work that requires A LOT of patience. But now, I have a very special keepsake for life ;) 
  • Loads of things to do - so much to do that I quit my to do list and caused life to go into a spin. Can you believe that I stopped using sensible to do lists when I most needed them? One more to add to airheadedness category. Now I've to purge to get life on to-do wheels again!
Now that I've snapshotted the most important parts of life, its time to do a clean reset. Hope everyone is having a fun wednesday! :)

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