Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What can you do with Rs.500?

What can you do with Rs.500 (or little over $5)? This link was on a friend's gtalk status and I couldn't help sharing it over here:

Lets do our best to give kids education and a safe childhood, the childhood that we were all privileged to get. We owe it to our future citizens and the world at least this much!

This is a topic close to my heart. Lets aim to give at least Rs.5 per month(is it $0.1?) for a kid's education (any kid, it can be your housemaid's daughter trying to finish her 10th standard, it can be your locality watchman's son trying to get books for school, it can be even kids from the local school). Just go and you'll find the needy kids in every corner of India. Or, give to one of the NGOs that are working towards this cause. I'm sure our small help to a kid would radically change his/her path in life. Lets join hands to eradicate poverty and work towards education for every kid!


Vivek said...

Boy! I just started splurging once in a while, this will keep me checked! Good video!

Btw, some of those comments made me lose my temper. Ah.. the &$#@$#s.

alpine path said...

Vivek, my thoughts exactly! Good to see you back after a long time here :)

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Nice video , I feel horrid for spending so much , and I feel even more horrid that I would not stop it :( . . But atleast I guess I could spend on a good cause too :D

alpine path said...
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alpine path said...

Fantasies of a Lifetime, yup! You are doing your best for the Indian economy!! :D But don't worry.. this post was more about the different perspectives of people! Not meant to shock people into spending less!! :)