Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moved Neverland successfully!

The last few weeks have been frenzied. I had to move Neverland and set it all up again. Phew! Dismantling and rebuilding, especially Neverland, is a thing I really don't look forward to. Though setting up a new home is always fun, I find that I've become a creature of habit and was trying to capture the Neverland in its last state. I realized this last night when I spent some two hours (two hours that should've been used to work or atleast catch up with stuff - We ALWAYS have that, don't we?) trying to rearrange the furniture (read, a bed, two shelves and a box - I'm yet to get a table or chair) and all the small stuff in different positions. Finally, I got so frustrated that I decided to get it all back to the original position. I then realized that I was trying to recreate my old room and moved the lights and shelves a bit to accommodate it. Now, if only I can raise the height of my bed to get the window view...

On a related note, I'm going bed-shopping before this weekend is over. For without the window and the draft hole over my bed, I got so bugged yesterday (yeah! its the summer in Neverland! I'm only thankful that I didn't go to some other places where I know I be fried like pork chops!!) and woke up so many times that finally my roomie had to restrain me from touching the AC control (she is a light sleeper and I would have switched on/off the AC atleast 15 times). The worst part was I was feeling very sleepy yet couldn't sleep. If hell was possible, it was that. I had to call quits and called V for a night chat. Our chat was fun as always but my work day loomed large and I had to force myself back to sleep. Oh! How I wish I was still a student in this regard.

PS: Though I've kept up with most of your posts, I've not really had time to write the posts. With regard to this post, I had some interesting and insightful chats with fellow bloggers. That led to different paths and I'm willing to test some of them. So, hang on and we'll glide through to see what is present on the other side. For I am as curious as you are :)


Aths said...

i just love setting up a home .. one of my biggest dreams is to own MY apartment, and dwell in decorating its interiors, arranging furniture, and the likes. Lolz! Good post, but I hope for now, u r settled!?

Vivek said...

Ah.. girls!
I really hate setting up a place! :)

But always wondered what makes it so interesting for you!

Anyways, have fun :)

alpine path said...

Aths, yup! Finally settled :) About owning and decorating an apartment, its fun if you are sure to be there for atleast a year or two. In my case, I know I'll move in another few months so its now more a chore than fun!

Vivek, yeah! Setting up a place IS fun. Just like the highs you get watching cricket matches(and replays! and highlights!!) for the umpteenth time :D Totally blame the DNAs for these gender issues!