Monday, December 08, 2008

An Angel's visit

Oh! she sat
She waited
The angel said, she will come

She saw
She worried
The angel came, in a different form

She started
The angel asked
"You want me, or my form?"

She wondered
She decided
"I want you, not your form"

The angel laughed
The angel winked
"You'll get me, and my form"

The Voice listened
The Voice was proud
"She made a choice, the right one!"

The Voice understood
The Voice was happy
"I taught her, and taught her well"

The Voice said
In a emotion filled tone
"Thanks for it all!"

The angel smiled
The angel cared
For both were in need of her

Her and her services
Her and her love
Her and her magic, all thru her

She'll do her best
They deserve it
But for now, this form is fine

She and the Voice
Comforted by the angel
Comforted by each other and their choices

They went to sleep
The angel went to work
All was quiet, peace with the world.

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