Saturday, January 05, 2008

A great new year and... some reminiscences

Wish you all a great new year!

The past year has been good, in that I got to take a step towards my dreams and aspirations, learnt to know the good and bad in people(I earlier put people under the category of good people and bad people. Though I still do the same, I've come to accept that the good people are not entirely good and bad people are not entirely bad. A scary but truthful realization!), moved from one country to another, did most of the things for the first time by myself, traveled a lot(I mean, A LOT! 2007 was when I traveled to and fro from C to B, C to C and finally to the US, and loads of places here too!), met loads of people who think that learning something and being good at it is not something to be ashamed of and got to find a world that existed beyond the comfy confines of my home, home city and home country.

For the new year, I know that it has loads of surprises in store for me and I welcome it with my arms open, ready to gather the experience coming out of the situations thrown my way, to learn more about this interesting world, to make friendships and relationships that would mold me as a person and have fun along the way. I wish to gain more strength from all my endeavors this year, gain the elusive wisdom(I know its hard but still....) that is needed to win in life, achieve some personal goals I've set for myself(sshhhh! That is a secret! I'll tell you as they are fulfilled... if not, they will never be known to the outside world. I only hope that it doesn't come to that because each of the goals are very good and I've chosen them only after careful consideration from all viewpoints. Still, lets see!) and finally move myself to a point where I can take another step towards my dream. I know that to get to the next step towards my dream, I have to give up a few bad habits(like sleeping late, for instance) and pick up some good ones(like remembering to eat fruits everyday)(ok! these are trivial! But just to give an idea...). My wishlist for this year seems daunting now, but with time and in chunks, I'm sure they are doable.


Me too! I can't wait to fast-forward to the January of 2009 to find out how I fared this year. But since I don't possess a time-machine, we'll have to settle to the normal, blatant way of knowing the results. Lets wait and watch how this new year turns out to be!

Do tell about your new year wishlist too. It'll be loads of fun to draw up one :)

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