Sunday, November 04, 2007

The End of Something

She was enjoying
She was having fun
She was living life to the fullest

She understood something
Or the lack of something

She stood still
The reality hit her
A pain seared through her heart
A tear rolled down her cheek

The voice was content
The voice was calm
The voice was at peace with itself

The voice sensed something
Or the lack of something

It was time
Time to show her the reality
A reality that would pain her
A reality that would make her cry

The voice consoled her
She was unconsoled
The voice reasoned with her
She said that this was beyond reason
The voice argued with her
She was too tired to argue

Because this something sapped her energy
Her love for life,
Her interest in life,
Her peace with the world.

The voice didn't give up
The voice persisted
The voice dinned sense into her
And let the pain dull and tear dry

She was battered
She was bruised
She didn't want anymore of it
But still she went on in life

Because Life doesn't end with something
Life dulls the pain
Life dries the tear
And life goes on.

The voice showed her strength
The voice stood rock-solid
The voice guided her by hand

She followed the voice
She followed its reason
She followed it by hand

The Voice and She
Emerged stronger in this contest
More understanding of each other
More clear of each other's goal
And more trusting on each other.

All that was left
Left of the something
A few words and actions
A dull pain in her heart
And an infinite wisdom for the voice.


Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...
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Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

Hey that's awesome :)

alpine path said...

vishnupriya janardhanan, thanks :) I'm glad you liked it.