Friday, June 22, 2007

My Daddy the best!


Dear Dad,
When I sit to write something about you or even think of you, only one advertisement comes into my mind – “My daddy strongest”. Yes, whenever I think of you, be it at the tender age of five or at the age of twenty, I remember you as kindnesss personified with just the right sense of strictness, oodles of love and a sense of humor that can make me laugh even on my darkest days. Nay! I can never have dark days as long as you are with me.

It is from you that I learnt the importance of hard work, compassion, never-say-die attitude and most of all, to follow the dreams that I dream for myself. Your passion for work never ceases to amaze me and your commitment to duty is one of the many qualities that I wish to imbibe in myself. You taught me the importance and worth of “quality time” where, though you have a very busy schedule, you found time to be with me at all the times I’ve needed you. You taught me to appreciate books for that is where the great masters of life talk to us about the myriad subjects of the heart and universe. You also taught me to love nature, accept the lessons of the physical world and admire the innate beauty of even seemingly inconspicuous things. You helped me develop a clear perception of what is right and what is wrong and how I should stand up for what I believe in irrespective of what the world says. You’ve given wings to my dreams and helped me soar in the vast sky. Your love for me has moved me to tears many days. You’ve stood by me and removed my anxieties, assured me in times of self-doubt, brought me to level when I was flying in the clouds, buoyed me up when I was down in the dumps and always been there for me as a pillar of support, as a rock beneath the clear waters, as a shoulder to cry and lean on, as a soul to understand me, as a guiding light in this world and beyond.

When I was five, I wanted to enact your ways of eating and putting on socks and shoes. When I was ten, I wanted to work like you. When I was thirteen, I wanted to drive a car like you(fast and safe, I don’t think you’ve ever had an accident! Touch wood!!). When I was sixteen, I wanted to follow your footsteps in my career too. And now, I still want to do all this and lots more. I’m sure that you will be my hero forever in life. I only hope that I can be a good enough parent for my kid and that my son/daughter also grow up to be someone like you.

I cherish all the times that we have had together and look forward to lots more. Though I would have to leave you and our family and go to B_____ for future’s sake, my heart yearns for some more time together. I know that among the very few things that I can count upon in this world no matter what, your love comes first. I also know that it cannot be stopped or lessened because of distance or time but that it grows like the “aadi maatha kaaveri”. How is it, appa, that you become better and better every passing day? Every day I think that there cannot be a better dad than you and you prove me wrong the next day by being better than the best. For all this and more, you get the title “The best dad in the universe” :)

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


Sabs said...

Very nice.
But can you complete B_
There are some dumb ppl like me u know...

Cuckoo said...

Very nice post indeed to celebrate your dad's birthday.

Happy Birthday !!

Arun said...

Wow whoa!
Great post.
Loved this one,
"Every day I think that there cannot be a better dad than you and you prove me wrong the next day by being better than the best."

Anonymous said...

This's like one d most moving posts i've come across...beautiful :)
I'm sure d love u share wid ur dad will grow in years may not matter how far u two maybe in distance but his blessings will always follow u..will pray ur dad lives a long n happy life on his b'day !!
cheers !!

alpine path said...

Sabs, thankyou! I prefer not to so as to preserve anonymity amap. :)

Cuckoo, thankyou! Sure, I'll pass on your wishes to him.

Arun, thanks a lot. Yeah, that was one of my favorite lines too.. And he does it! :)

Lavender, thankyou! I hope and pray the same too...Thanks a lot for including him in your prayers. Great to see you back :)

Princess Banter said...

Awww that's so sweet! Your dad's very lucky to have someone like you as a daughter :) When I was younger, I'd always see the billboard on the highway that says "Drive Home Safely Dad" and it was sponsored by McDonalds. Every time I crave for McD's french fries, I'd always think of my dad :)