Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A bend in the road

She was calm
She was serene
She was cruising along
Along a tunnel that seemed endless
And straight!!

She was shaken
She was jolted
She was almost thrown over
Along a tunnel with a bend
And curves!!

The bend was mysterious
The bend was fun
The bend was promising
Along a tunnel that had treats
And traps!!

The Voice said "Go for it"
The Voice said "The bend stays"
The Voice said "Irreversible"
Along a tunnel that held dark promises
And the light of fear

She tightened her seat belt

The Voice showed the "thumbs up" sign

What do they see?
What do they decipher?
Where do they go?
Time will tell


Sabs said...

whos the author? err...poet?:)

The Black King said...

The guiding light shall deliver you, no matter what!

Arun said...

so is the prev post still valid?

alpine path said...

sabs, I've tried a mix of fiction and poetry. It is not poetry in the strictest sense. And, I put others' names and give them credit when I put their work on my blog. So, this post was mine :)

The black king, I hope it does for the protagonist in the series. Lets wait and see! And welcome aboard!

Arun, yes! Why not? :)

Sabs said...

forgot to add..... "just kidding....nice one..."