Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Ode to Bazzingerz!

We’ve been together for four years,
Lots of fun, lots of tears.
Hostelites and Dayskis mixed as one
I’m sure would make others run.
We won the Chillout the first year we came,
And spiced up Dramatix with our dames,
Sports was one field we proved our talent
And showed the world we are not latent,
Tech music had our own star
With whom there was none at par,
NSS, NCC you name it we are there,
With YRC, we showed that we care,
IEEE had our own contribution
Giving us loads of adulation,
Our own ECEA is not the least
The work we did there is a veritable feast,
Who can forget the fun in class
And the planning we did to reach the stars,
We broke many a record
And stood in unison, in accord.
Quizzes and competitions we won so many
All sweet memories, just like honey!

We had good seniors who paved the way
And lovely juniors who made life gay
Our teachers helped us in more ways than one
We’ll thank them till there’s moon and sun
Sure, we’ll go our own ways after this year
But we’ll keep in touch, never fear.
Life is like that, I do know
But this is one phase I don’t want to outgrow
College life has taught us many lessons
And showed what’s life’s true essence
I’ll miss you friends next year
With my eyes steeped in a tear.

Success is what I wish for you,
Life goes on – lets get the cue!
When twilight puts her curtains down
And pins it with a star,
Remember that you have a friend
Though she may wander far
BZZ!! We Rock!!
- Alpine Path
PS: This is my poem on my batch - the Bazzingerz. We are doing our last few days in college together. All that was said in the poem are cent percent true, no hype, no exaggeration. It is one great batch to be a part of and I've loved each minute of it. Thank you friends for making the past four years a memorable trip all the way from the orientation program to the farewell(and graduation day, of course! :))


taggy said...

True about college .Let me take my chance to wish you all the very best for all that future has ins tore for you :)

Anonymous said...
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Cuckoo said...

Heyyy you write beautifully !!
Loved your poem on college days.

I also write poems but they are very subtly written. Check this if you want to.

And thanks for visiting my blog & blog-rolling me.
Keep visiting.

Ramanan said...

rhyming is juz awesom!!! kudos.. :)

namas said...

well said :)

alpine path said...

Taggy, thank you very much! I'm sure you would find the same to be true in a year's time. Good luck!

Cuckoo, thanks! And, welcome abroad! :)

Ramanan, thanks. Well, the words just came and everything synced perfectly :) But all of it is true, right?

Namas, thanks! And, welcome to blogspace :) Keep checking in.

rajaram said...

great poem yaar. gonna miss every thing from now:-(

Arun said...

nice work!
heres to u(sorry im not a good writer/poet)

alpine path said...

Rajaram, thanks :) Yup, me too! :(

Arun, thanks :) And, the link was great! Guess, everyone has to move on.

Annie Chellah.T said...

Hey dat's true...D poem u'd written depicts d four yrs of our life in coll beautifully.Hmmm.(sigh).All good things shud have an end.So our coll life too.

kousik said...

You ve enjoyed a lot i guess. Was very nice!!!

alpine path said...

Annie, you are right! But the memories are there forever, for us to cherish and enjoy whenever we want.

Koushik, thanks :) Yeah! We enjoyed a lot.. I'm sure you would have done too. And, welcome!

Ramu said...

hey tht was just too good...

alpine path said...

Ramu, thanks :) All of it is true and my entire batch feels that way. I have only penned them down.