Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wait for the world!!

She waits for the wind
The wind that will take her to the harbor
The wind that will take her ship to safety
The wind that will take her to glorious tomorrow.

She has done her duty
The duty that would stand by her
In times of adversity
In times of testing
In times of questioning

She waits.....

The voice smiles at the world
The world of which it is a part
The world where it has to make a mark
The world where it has to guide its subject

The voice has done a deed
The deed that makes a difference
In times of uncertainty
In times of hesitancy
In times of change

The voice smiles....


Ships said...

She waits indeed...

Metaphorical... nice one!
thx for dropping by...

Shipra aka Ships here :)

syrals said...

I smiled after reading the poem too...:) liked it. Different in its own way.

alpine path said...

Ships, Thanks. And, welcome! :)

Syrals, thanks again. It is just my attempt at some truth-fiction. Glad that you liked it.