Friday, July 15, 2011

Snapshot of a week

Ok... this is a snap shot of two weeks (let me pen it down before I forget them all):

  • Trip to Glacier was good. The scenery was amazing. And I ran into R there. Small world! :)
  • Saw triple fireworks for July 4th. That was a total new. Every July 4th is way different from the previous ones. This time, we were in neverland.
  • Attended a tamil drama in which two of my friends were acting. We got to sit at the first row (probably the first time I've ever done it) but that experience was fun. Also, the sets were amazing - they had put in a lot of effort into getting it right. Even the small details were handled right - as they say, the devil is in the details and they had nailed the devil right, for most parts.
  • Attended a dosa fest at a friend's place - man, first time I ate fish dosai :D
  • Had a horrible dream from which I woke up in cold sweat :( Even thinking of it now, I can't stop shivering. I've never had a dream where I cried so much. I wouldn't go into the details, but suffice it to say that I wish I had not dreamed it at all.
  • Met a school friend in a grocery shop and we spent an hour catching up :)
  • One of my cousins is moving to Canada soon - am both happy for them and sad that I'd missing them.
  • Porkodi and me did some egg shell dancing together! :D  
  • Rest was all work, usual chaat with friends, lunch time and on and on.
  • These two weeks were a lot quieter but I managed to waste a LOT OF time yapping with people. As a result, my work has suffered a bit. 
  • And I'm no closer to getting anything done :( All coz of my yapping around. 
  • My movie watching and music has taken a nose dive as well. I managed to finish a couple of books though (which is way less than what is average). Yapping again!! :(
  • I missed watching Harry Potter at midnight this time :( 
I'm super tired of a few things/people. K says that they are as they are but that my image of them has gotten sharper and that is causing issues. I think I understand what K says but don't think that is the only thing to be blamed. I think their images have changed as well. We are good so far but I think we'll head butt soon - I hope to God that it doesn't happen. It is a bother and I don't want to cause much churn. Longer loops might help but that is problem avoidance and not problem solving. But I'm at a point where I can't solve the problem (they should change it) and the problem avoidance is all that I can do - so I do it gladly. But that takes a lot of effort and I'm so not used to putting in this much of effort into this sort of thing. And this is causing me to stress a lot :( I'm trying to push the stress on to work but I end up yapping to clear it out. Hmmm... so far not a very happy two weeks. Lets hope atleast the next week is more fun-filled and in general, happy.

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