Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally, some Indian cities!

I'm always interested in comparing how the costs would be for regular items and activities in different cities. So far, I've only come across apps that are US-centric. Finally, I found a website that includes pretty much all the big cities in India with reasonably accurate data. Check out Expatistan. This lead to some interesting discoveries. For example, did you know that Chennai was cheaper than Coimbatore and Bangalore cheaper than Chennai? It was funny to see that Big Mac meal (I'm assuming they mean the happy meals that you get in McDonalds) was costlier in India than in US. Talk about following the west at any cost, ha ha!

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Arun said...

The site doesnt currently seem to work.
But anecdotallyI would guess cost of living would be like this
Depends on what the site considers as cost of living. I guess real estate is a decent metric.
Yeah, Mc.D is costly in India because they are sparse and considered hip =) and also supply and demand thing...