Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have you done your taxes yet?

I know I'm horribly lagging behind in my posting schedule for my blog. Its almost like being under a writer's block, but in reality, I'm not. Trust me, I've been under it so many times I know exactly how it feels.... and I'm not seeing those symptoms this time! Unless writer's block has variants and I've been so far afflicted with (thankfully) only one type and this is another type that I'm grappling with. I've got so many things going on in life(another post, I promise you) that I'm barely treading water when it comes to keeping up with reading other blogs, let alone write. I know this is not a good excuse and I'm damn unhappy to give this one, but hey! thats the truth! And, I've got a few posts all lined up but waiting for the final go (talk about not having the time for it).

Through it all, we are fast approaching the tax season. Here is one of the links I found to be interesting. Since 2009 was a year with lots of moves and changes, my taxes this year would be a wee bit more complicated than using a software to print out the forms. And last year, I didn't even have to worry about which software it was!! Talk about more responsibilities as you grow older! Anyways, happy tax season! :D

Some questions
Do you do early filing of taxes?
Do you prefer a human to help you or software?

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