Sunday, December 06, 2009

Vanish away, can you?

Can someone really vanish in this digital world? Here is a link about a guy who tried to do exactly that, and his adventures while at it. I've read stories about how people walk out of one life and leave no trace. But I guess it would become harder and harder as digital life takes over more and more. Though I'm not sure what would cause someone to do it, I can't imagine myself doing it, even for the sake of trying it out. Would you? Atleast for the sake of trying it?

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Aths said...

That he managed it, is a big thing! I doubt I can ever do that, my identity is stamped all over the cyber-world, as in the case of most people. But then, I don't want to. I would love to redo parts of my life, but not be another person totally. I guess that desire to be someone else goes for people who have some kind of tragedy in their lives.