Friday, October 02, 2009

A look at Windows' history

This is a nice link about the history of Windows. The earliest I can remember using is Windows 3.1 in third grade... And minesweeper was my favorite game in the world! The feeling after beating the "computer" in guessing the mines was euphoric! I'm one of the few millions in the world who would NOT have studied computers if there was no graphical user interface. I still prefer clicking my way through to actually typing the commands, though the command-typing-green-lines-on-a-serious-looking-black-screen is cooler. Geeks may deride my admission but that is how it is! And I know that there are millions of others who are glad for the simple-to-use GUI. And all said and done, Windows with its GUI paved way for faster integration of computers into the lives of common man all through the world (I'm not talking about geeks who would've been happy typing commands into command line window with or without GUI) and made computers less fearful. The growth of Windows in all areas of computing(UI, power, performance, etc) has been impressive. And, I'm glad about Windows 7. :)

What is the earliest Windows that you have used?


Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

There really are ppl who prefer typing commands than using a GUI ?? I thought that was just a myth :O . .

Aths said...

I still remember using 3.1. That was my first too, and I feel that looked cooler than all the OSes that followed. :)

alpine path said...

@Fantasies of a lifetime, nah! There are people who prefer to see lines of text flash by on their command windows. And it boils down to choice!

@Aths, oh yeah! That OS was way better. After the scary BASIC and LOGO(does anyone use these programming languages now?) where I had to type and remember weird syntaxes, 3.1's GUI was such a relief for my tiny brain :) And I still love Minesweeper just for the fact that it takes me back to the afternoons I spent playing it as a kid :D