Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Secret Seven!!

Being under hibernation, I hadn't filled up a tag from a friend. Now, being the VO of Neverland, I finally dug into the forgotten to-do list and brought out the tag. Here it goes:

Tag rule: Tell seven things about yourself that you want to share! (he had just listed some characteristics of his... So I made this up! You can make it spicier/saucier/sexier when you do this tag - no restrictions!) And pass it to 5 friends!!

1) I think I'm going to end up with the nice-girl-of-the-town title (I don't mind that as long as I have fun) and hope I don't finish last.
2) I can't stand people who are hypocrites. If you stand for something, do stand for it till the end. Don't change it ever so often. And stand for your principles even if it hurts. I'd respect you more a person for sticking up to your beliefs even if I see you have been in the wrong. If you change your principle about something, do so only on the basis of a solid reason. Don't change it for every whim and fancy! Please spare the world from it!!
3) I want to give everyone a fair chance in explaining what they did and why they did something. Everyone has a reason to act as they did! And certainly no one is stupid, just that the priorities are different! We should respect the differences and give people a fair chance! Seen too many breakups because of lack of it.
4) Am fairly easy to get along until you try to encroach on my private life. Just because I talk a lot to you doesn't mean that I give you permission to discuss other parts of my life(unless I explicitly do!). I prefer to keep different parts of my life secluded from one another (mixing never helps!).
5) Despite having a HUGE friends list, the number of close friends is less than 10 at any point of time in life. You need to have traveled with me in life for a considerable distance of life's journey before you can hit that list.
6) I love to eat anything red: right from strawberries to beetroot(my mom would be tired of making beetroot poriyal ever so often when I was a kid!). I think that anything red is lot tastier than others.
7) The basic things of my life have remained a constant despite all the experiences I've got. I'm glad I got them right the first time.

Tagging: Aths, Arun, Madhan, King Vishy and Dream Chaser.
Others, if you are interested, tag yourself and leave a link in the comments section.

P.S:He! He! You thought this was a post about my childhood-favorite detective gang? (though, I'd love to do it).


Arun said...

nice-girl-of-the-town? so ur town must be having no girls other than u!

u have close to 10 close friends? im jealous of u :)

btw, thanks for tagging me. will write soon... not that im super busy, just super lazy.

Bhargavi Krishnan said...

"I love to eat anything red: right from strawberries to beetroot(my mom would be tired of making beetroot poriyal ever so often when I was a kid!). I think that anything red is lot tastier than others"

Naan idey kadumai aaga yedurkirein!! :P To be honest I detest beetroot in any form!

alpine path said...

Arun, ha ha! Waiting for your post buddy!!

Bhargavi, avanga avangalukku avanga avanga kashtam! :D Seri, ungalukku enna kaai pidikum? Illa, nature restaurant thaan pidikumaa? ;)

Vivek said...

hey you did the tag :)

Nice one! Well don't you think being nice to everyone is tiresome and very demanding! ;)

And I am glad to see someone saying that she got everything right the first time. I always dream of reboots for life that could fix few things just the way it does for a PC :)

alpine path said...

Vivek, yeah! It is demanding but thankfully, my friends and family don't demand much. And I can tell an a**hole that he/she is an a**hole without much worries. So, its easy to be nice to all provided you have some ground rules in action!
Yeah! Reboots would be nice but they'd take away the surprise element from life. Then life would be like hyderabadi biriyani without spices!! :D