Friday, June 20, 2008

Be there!

She moved in this world
A world of new beginnings
A world of new thoughts
A world of new starts

She met people
People from different walks of life
People from different countries
People from different parts of life

She felt unfettered
From the people
From the world
From life

She was scared
Scared of the new freedom
Scared of the new actions
Scared of the new life

The Voice understood
Understood her concerns
Understood her worries
Understood her unanswered questions

The Voice reflected
How to explain
How to simplify
How to break it in

The Voice said
"Tis yours to enjoy,
Tis yours to work on,
Tis yours to live!"

The Voice showed
Showed the uses of freedom
Showed the beauty of action
Showed the meaning of life

The Voice warned
Of the ever present slip
Of the ever present danger
Of the ever present oblivion

She vowed to remember
Remember this freedom
Remember these actions
Remember this life
it is the milk of the universe
the honey that sweetens life
the elixir that man is after

She vowed to work hard,
Hard to keep this freedom
Hard to repeat these actions
Hard to live this life
Hard work prevents slips
Hard work protects from danger
Hard work obliterates the oblivion

The Voice was glad
Glad that she understood
Glad that she related to it
Glad that she knew
Knowledge brings maturity
Knowledge brings care
Knowledge brings wisdom

The Voice supported her
In preventing the slips
In protecting from danger
In obliterating the oblivion
The Voice is there to nourish
The Voice is there to elevate
The Voice is there to "be there"

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Short and simple. Is it about you ? Looks like..


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