Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Vazhkaye porkalam!

This is a poem from a friend's status message(thanks, varsh!) It was succinct yet conveyed the message! All kudos for the original author

vazhkaye porkalam,
vazhndudaan parkanum,
porkalam maaralam,
porgal daan marumo

[English translation:
Life is a battlefield
We have to live and see the end
The battlefield can change
But do the battles ever change?]


Annie Chellah.T said...

Yeah...You're right.So you're becoming philosophical

alpine path said...

Annie, long time! Nope... I'm not becoming philosophical. Just that these four lines captured the essence of life so well :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm..interesting question !

well...battles do change..we win some and lose others !

alpine path said...

Lavender, true! But does the fact that battles are being fought every single moment change?