Monday, December 24, 2007

Update on Ennama Thozhi!!

I got a comment on the earlier post saying that it was part of a new movie called “Kaalai Pani “. I was immediately eager to check out the full song and I checked the net to listen to it. Though I like the full song too, the shorter version had more punch and soul in it compared to the longer one. This might be because of the music from other instruments accompanying the voice or because of the lyrics that weren’t as sweet as the first verse but I really don’t know. But it is not satisfying enough once you’ve heard the original shorter version. Here are the links to both.
Shorter Version

Longer Version(only the audio)
Do hear them and give me your comments.


Arun said...

unrelated to the post, but seeing the video, reminded me of some other vids,

Anonymous said...
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Hariharan.V said...

Please post the Complete lyrics of this song i love it