Sunday, October 07, 2007

LOST!! Anyone got a home to spare? ;)

Shopping trips are loads of fun.... esp when you get to read something like the one below. This is what I picked up from my recent trip to Walmart. Needless to say, my friends and I, we were in splits after reading it. Couldn’t resist sharing with my fellow bloggers :)

(Warning: I’m not changing anything from the original flyer... so, if any of you wants to give a big whack on the head, please contact the original author. R, I KNOW you are getting ready to sue the author. I’m thinking of sending him/her a English development course flyer :D)

LOST, House Looking for a Home
(now, this house is looking for a home, anyone got one to spare? ;))
This house can be a home, making lot’s of memories(now have you heard of houses making memories? I thought people and events made them!!),
come make a solid(you want to make a solid? You can have a go here!),
holds lots of laughter(is it a laughter-bucket? Is there such a word, R??),
keeps secrets well(ok! Interesting! Can you give me a sample secret that it has kept well?),
you can design what you want(oh! I want an Igloo! Come on, living in an igloo has been my childhood dream. So, I have designed it :D),
some work done(work done?? By whom? Me? No thanks! I already have loads to do)

• 2 BEDROOM( Now why is this in CAPS?), 3 bedromms( If you want roms(aka Read Only Memories, for the non-techie friends), you can get in touch with this owner because he/she has a house with 3 roms :D or better yet, with romms(whatever that is!) if desired(huh? Can you desire a bedroom and just have it?? Then I'll desire for five more. And what about the original floor plans, buddy?)

• All NEW electric ran( what?? Am I missing something here?), 3 or more outlets per room ( outlets of what?? Of anger? :D)

• INSULATED, most rooms ( insulated.. now that’s got too many possibilities! I’m not listing them here. And, what about the poor souls in the rooms that don’t come under the heading ‘most rooms’?)

• ALL NEW PLUMBING (has this person ripped off all the plumbing and put them back??)

• LARGE DECK, with new glass door( Nothing to say! Try to get the meaning ;))

• FRONT PORCH across front of house( oh! Didn’t know that... I thought all front porches would be across the back of house. Come on, yaar!!)

• LOT OF LIGHT, new widows on 2nd floor( this is NOT a spelling mistake... so, if anyone wants light, new widows(of all people), you can go and pick one from the second floor... now what’s there in the second floor? A widow factory? :D)

• NEW LINES TO SPRING HOUSE (now, where is this spring house? And whose is it? Is it a part of the sale?)

• NEW WATER HEATER, never used ( Hey! That’s why its called new, isn’t it? OR have they changed the terminology? :) )

• 11/2 acres, little spring in front of house ( so much area? And only a teeny, weeny spring? So sad of that poor spring! And in front of house? I thought there was the road and other normal stuff)

• STORAGE BLDG( Now, what’s this? Isn’t storage part of any house?)

You WILL NEVER find a deal like this again(really? Thank God for that! Actually, I don’t mind seeing flyers like this more often :)),
very warm in winter(isn’t that what a house is supposed to do? Keep warm in winter, keep cool in summer and protect all the time? I learnt it in second standard),
LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES (Now, this is very interesting! What are the lots of possibilities? Too much to tell ;)),
with the right imaganation( what is this??? R, I think you are ready to sue this person for wrong usage of English.. chill! :)),
some supplies go with house( supplies? With house? GO???? Go where? )

[Date and time of selling and contact address]

End of the flyer :)
I saw this one hanging up on one of the boards of Walmart. We had more than an hour to kill, waiting for a cab to come. So, what better way than this? :) And, the phrases ‘new widows’ and ‘LOTS OF POSSIBILITIES’ were the best! Really, where is America going to?


The Black King said...

Wow... they do put such crazy ads there?

syrals said...

That's real funny stuff. :)You can come across such fliers over here too.

alpine path said...

the black king, yup! And its loads of fun to read them :) Nowadays, I'm even on the lookout for the craziest ad that is possible. :D

syrals, thanks :) So, you are having fun too? :) Do post the ones that you think are too hilarious to be missed. Would love to see them on your blog :)

Arun said...

It mite be a good marketing strategy, who knows?:) Make funny blunders,ppl will remember it.

oh, the worst are comments on youtube. Its sometimes hard even to know if its English.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hahaha... you sure had a lot of time to kill in front of Walmart! :)

Vishnupriya Janardhanan said...

lol good one :d..the house sure seems desperate to get new owners[:P]

King Vishy said...

He he.. I had one such experience at Ranganathan Street Saravana Stores :) In front of the lift door was a board that said "Lift no stop here".. So clear and succinct! :)

Interesting to note that this happens at America too!

alpine path said...

Arun, yeah.. maybe a marketing strategy. I sure do remember it but I also wouldn't want to go and get the house right away, right? So, its successful marketing but profitless.

Sudipta, yup! What better way to entertain us through a boring and unexpected wait of an hour? :D

vishnupriya janardhanan, welcome and yeah! But looks like the house hadn't got any owners so far because I saw the same poster up again last week :D And, they haven't even corrected the mistakes. Talk about icing on the cake :D

king vishy, yup it does! though even I expected better English here because its their first language. But English is English and even the English can make mistakes in it. I'm yet to go to England and check it out :D