Monday, September 10, 2007

Back with a Bang!!

Hi friends,

Ok! Ok! I know I've been too long away from my dear blog of mine... so much so that I missed one of the most important days:my blog's first birthday. Well, I'll write a belated bday post later. Now, back to important stuff! I know I should have stopped by and written something for the past two months. But a bad case of serious work, a worser case of travel and settling down and the worst case of writer's block and commenter's block(both attacking at the same time is the worst possible thing) have put me off for this long. There was one thing I wanted to add to the Voice series. That was the only time when I could break out of these blocks and write something. Now that I have done the 'breaking out' part, I hope I get to do it more often... so often that these blocks don't attack anymore.

A small update: In these two months, I've traveled over oceans and mountains,met loads of people(some fun, some not so fun but all of them interesting in one way or the other!) and had some amazing experiences throughout the way! I've changed my place of living, style of living and the people I live with. But the core values and the love and friendship that remained earlier remain the same. For all who know me personally back home, I miss you people! For all those who know me only through this blog, I've missed you as well. So, I only hope to God that no more sabbaticals come along the way.

Coming back to my own lair(if you can call this blog that :)) is always a satisfying experience. It is one place where I know I make a small difference in the world, a difference of a thought, a smile, a tear, an emotion. It is the place where I discover the world, surprising myself in the process. When I started this blog, it was just for fun. Now, its a part of me, a part that speaks to the world without any limitations and inhibitions.

I'm sure you will find more posts coming along this month. And, do give me some time. I'll catch up with all your blogs too. Till then,

-Alpine Path


Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !!

As you've promised hope to see you more often. :)

The Black King said...

:echo: Cuckoo! :)

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

You are back all right...Back with a bang ???hmmmm....waiting for the next blogs..

alpine path said...

cuckoo, thanks for the warm welcome :)

The black king, you are a linux fan? :) Thanks again :)

Superficial gibbering prater, yup! Back with a bang! :)