Monday, September 18, 2006

Death -thou art sanctify

Hi friends,

Death is a sudden twist in the journey of life, taking us to the beyond from all that we trust and care, know and love, feel and foster. Though it has been said that death is another great journey for the well trained mind, it is not taken in the same sense by ordinary human beings( maybe that is what makes them ordinary!). Today I could see the cold sanctifying touch of Death on a happy family of which one of my friends was a part. My friend's dad passed away today morning and we had gone to their place to pay our last respects to the deceased. Though I had not met her parents earlier or gone to her home before, I could feel the sorrow engulfing me into the surrounding. I could feel her pain and empathise with her.

I went into denial when my granny died. I couldn't accept the fact that she was dead. Though my mind knew that she is no more in the world, my heart tended to believe that she was somewhere in this world where I cannot contact her. The truth took time to sink in and it did pain a lot! Though I was out of the denial mode, it didn't affect my day to day activities. Just that, when I see something which is my gran's favorite, I remember her and when I need a wise counsel, I try to think what advice she would've given had she been here. Other than that, I don't feel pain now, only a sad sense of loss! However, my family has never been the same again after the cold touch of Death. It has sanctified all of us in some way and made us grow up in a day. I could see the amount of maturity that came into my kid brother the day she died. The first twenty years of my life was not touched by sorrow and now that it has been, life is not the same anymore!

Death teaches each one of us various things. This death reiterated the fact that life is no more than a wisp of air that makes the journey to the lungs and back. What if this wisp suddenly doesn't go in or come out? Pretty scary, huh? True! I once read a proverb somewhere "Plan life as if you would live for thousand years but live life as if you die the next day". How true!! Who can say for sure if we would be alive the next moment, the next hour, the next day? But how many hard feelings, jealousy and carelessness do we employ in our day to day life making it more and more difficult for us to enjoy each living moment with our loved ones? We give an unnecessarily important place for our egos in our daily life and bloat the situation to such an extent that our relationships go to the point of no return messing what would otherwise have been a happy moment forever in memory.

I have only one request to make to the readers. Vaazhkai romba anithyamaanathu! (Life is very mercurious!) So, live life to the fullest with your loved ones. Hug them and show your love for them because they may not be around the next time. Patch up old quarrels and renew old relationships. Even if it is just a hi, it may mean the world to some one. Your smile could light up someone's day. So, go and live life, in any way you think is right! Don't waste your time in petty squabbles! So long, mates!!


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hmm... yes death does suddenly thrust some ugly truths of life at your face: but it also teaches you a lot. My empathies for your friend and you as well over the loss of your grandma.

About the last post about PhDs: please make sure you quote the source of the article if you are taking it from somewhere. But the article itself was interesting, and very true.

Keep bloggin'!

Harini said...

True! My gran's death taught me quite a few things. Thanks a lot!

About the PhD post, someone mailed the article over yahoo groups. So, I don't know the exact source of it. Anyway, all kudos to the original author. He/she has taken into consideration almost everything and the suggestions are apt too!

Bhavna Neel said...

what made u write this gurl ?!!!

Harini said...

One of my friend's father died last week... Just my thoughts on it and Death in general. I felt kinda sad about it all.